Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UPSR - Bahasa Inggeris Comprehension


Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

One sunny day, an ant was crawling along a branch of a tree. Suddenly, he slipped and fell into the river below.

The ant screamed for help as it could not swim. At that moment a white bird flew by. It heard the screams and looked around. It saw the little ant struggling in the water. The bird flew down and plucked a leaf with its beak. Then, it dropped the leaf in front of the ant. The ant quickly climbed onto it. The leaf floated to the edge of the river and the ant was saved.

Not long after that, a hunter went hunting in the jungle. He saw a bird sitting on a branch of a tree. The hunter quickly pointed his gun at the bird. At that time, the ant was searching for food. It saw the hunter pointing his gun at the same bird that helped it. Quickly, the ant crawled up the hunter’s leg and bit him. The hunter cried out in pain and missed his shot .The bird flew away. The ant was glad that it could save bird from being shot.

Construct: Knowledge of ComprehensionLevel : Medium

1 How did the ant fall into the river?

A It crawled along the branch and fell.

B It slipped and fell.

C It flew down.

Construct: Knowledge of ComprehensionLevel : Medium

2 The ant was_____________ .

A shot by the hunter

B drowned in the river

C saved by the bird

D saved by the hunter

Construct: Knowledge of ComprehensionLevel : Difficult

3 What is the story about?

A . Helping one another

B . Hunting is a good hobby

C . A very clever bird.

D . Two very good friends

Construct: Knowledge of ComprehensionLevel : Medium

4 From the story we know that the ant felt _________the bird.

A frightened of

B thankful to

C angry with

D happy for

Construct: Knowledge of ComprehensionLevel : Easy

5 The word ’it’ in the passage refers to the ____________ .

A ant

B bird

C leaf

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